Brakes that won’t fail, whatever they go through

Advantages of Terra Dura brakes

Elite performance brakes

Now you can fit your hard–working 4x4 with top performing commercial grade Terra Dura brakes. Designed originally for off-road vehicles in the mining industry and utilising our award-winning SIBS® Technology, Terra Dura brakes can out-perform all other brakes. For the serious 4x4 enthusiast, Terra Dura brakes get you to the remotest places, giving you peace of mind when you go the extra mile.

Increased towing capacity

Boost your 4x4’s pulling power. Terra Dura brakes can be used on vehicles with upgraded GVM. Whether it’s your boat or caravan being towed, feel safe in the knowledge your braking power can take the extra strain.

Last longer

Terra Dura brake pads can last up to 50,000km saving you time and money on regular servicing.

Improved safety

Top braking performance is guaranteed as Terra Dura brakes are completely unaffected by water and mud. Terra Dura brakes perform EVERY time and are far safer to operate than standard OEM brakes.

Environmentally sound

Terra Dura brakes are fully SEALED, so there are NO harmful emissions. This is safer for you and better for our environment.


  • Toyota Landcruiser - 70 Series & 100 Series
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Isuzu D-Max

Our range of 4x4s for Terra Dura brakes is expanding constantly. Please enquire with us to find out when other manufacturer’s models will become available.


Wheel End Assembly

  • Completely enclosed dry disc brakes, that can withstand heavy duty braking temperatures
  • High performance monobloc radial mount calipers
  • Revolutionary light-weight casings made of glass reinforced polymer
  • Compact design allowing the brakes to fit inside standard wheel rims
  • Adjusts rear track width on Toyota LandCruiser to closely match OEM front track width
  • Works with OEM Antilock Braking, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control systems
  • Compliant with all applicable road regulations in Australia and Europe

Parking Brake

Service Brake

  • The 4x4’s standard brake pedal, master cylinder, and load proportioning valve are retained
  • Operation of the service brake is transparent to the driver


Park and Emergency Brake

  • The 4x4’s original park brake lever remains, however the cables and park brake are completely removed and replaced with Terra Dura components

Installation & Maintenance


  • Terra Dura brakes replace the OEM dry brake system
  • Your local Terra Dura distributor can fully install Terra Dura brakes on your 4x4


  • Brake Pad Service – every six to nine months OR 50,000km, whichever is sooner