ABT's brakes significantly enhance vehicle safety, reduce vehicle operating costs and improve brake reliability.

Our Terra Dura, Failsafe and Failsafe Emergency brakes have a single brake rotor and unique grooved brake pads. The entire brake sits inside an oil-filled, sealed housing. 

Our brakes have minimal wear issues due to their low operating temperatures and, because they are fully sealed, have no foreign abrasive and corrosive materials impacting performance. 

This means more reliable brakes, less vehicle maintenance, improved vehicle availability and an overall safer brake system. ABT's brakes all have a Spring Activated Hydraulic Release (SAHR) failsafe component and a number of optional interlocks whereby the integrated Park and Emergency Brake system is automatically applied when the E-Stop button is pressed, the engine key is turned off, or a vehicle door is opened. This system ensures the vehicle cannot roll away unexpectedly, providing an unprecedented level of safety for vehicle operators and site personnel. 

Superior Braking Performance


Top braking performance remains completely unaffected by water, mud or contaminants.

Less Downtime

Removes the need for frequent servicing to replace worn or damaged brake parts.

Lower Running Costs

Labour and part replacement savings can pay back installation costs in as little as 3 months.

Last Longer

Even under extreme conditions, ABT's Failsafe brake pads can last up to 120,000 km.

Extreme Operating Conditions