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Effective fleet management in mining operations demands a strategic and financially sound approach. ABT introduces a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Brake Calculator designed for Toyota Landcruiser light service vehicles, providing a comprehensive commercial analysis that compliments the considerable benefits of ABT BrakeSAFE braking system.

This Calculator offers a holistic understanding of brake costs, factoring in purchase and installation expenses, maintenance, repairs, downtime, replacements, and environmental impact.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Brake Calculator

Mining vehicle brakes play a pivotal role in overall operational costs. The ABT TCO Brake Calculator ensures a transparent assessment, revealing the true impact on your budget. In a sample analysis, ABT’s BrakeSAFE Wheel End Brakes showcase a notable 31.3% reduction in maintenance costs during the third to fifth years of the vehicle’s lifecycle. These savings stand out compared to standard brakes, which experience escalating maintenance costs over the same period. With fewer service items and a streamlined maintenance process, ABT achieves over a 70% decrease in annual service parts costs, minimizing downtime to a mere 19 hours per fleet.

FailSafe Benefits:

ABT’s BrakeSAFE Wheel End Brakes go beyond cost savings, offering FailSafe benefits crucial for your fleet:

  1. Health, Safety & Sustainability: Enhanced quality housing and components contribute to safer and more reliable brakes. ABT’s Wet brakes optimize thermal performance, reducing heat emission and preventing overheating, while the completely sealed design prevents brake dust emissions.
  2. Improved Performance: ABT brakes consistently outperform Standard Brakes, showcasing less fade and enhanced emergency capabilities.
  3. Time Savings: ABT’s brakes facilitate on-site service by trained personnel with a simplified regime, eliminating the need for complete disassembly every time. This user-friendly approach ensures maximum ease and efficiency.

Indirect Cost Savings:

ABT BrakeSAFE Wheel End Brakes offer indirect cost savings through:

  1. Resale Value: ABT brakes enhance the resale value of standard OEM brake parts, requiring only one Brake Pad compared to stocking 12 OE Brake Pads per vehicle annually.
  2. Fleet Utilization: Reduced service requirements lead to fewer individual vehicle downtimes, contributing to improved fleet utilization.


ABT’s commitment to sustainable business practices is evident in the BrakeSAFE Wheel End Brakes. The TCO Brake Calculator provides comprehensive insights, empowering you to make informed decisions for a more efficient and cost-effective fleet management strategy. Explore the economic perspective of ABT’s brakes and unlock the full potential of your Toyota Landcruiser fleet.

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