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Protecting your brakes from the environment

Protecting the environment from your brakes

ABT Terra Dura® Brakes are a completely sealed wheel end brake designed to improve vehicle performance whilst significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime ultimately leading to increased fleet availability, utilisation and most importantly safety.

Installing ABT Terra Dura® brakes on your light vehicles will save thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle while extending maintenance intervals by up to 6 months.  This is achieved through the robust complete wheel assembly incorporating ABT’s patented sealed design and high performance brake pads.

Features & Benefits

Improved Safety

Terra Dura® brake pads are unaffected by dirt, mud or water, ensuring maximum performance in high-risk environments and minimising the risk of fade and premature brake failure.

Less Downtime

Terra Dura® brakes remove the need for frequent servicing or replacement, resulting in less downtime.

Longer Lasting Brakes

Terra Dura® brake pads can last up to 50,000 km and are self-adjusting, helping to extend the life of your wheel bearings.


Brake dust is contained within the polymer housing, protecting the environment from harmful emissions.

Lower Maintenance

Both labour and part replacement costs are reduced, with installation costs paid back in as little as three months.

Increase Business

With Terra Dura®, your vehicles will be on the road for longer, maximising your productivity potential and ensuring optimal fleet availability and utilisation.


PDF Terra Dura® Workshop Manual Toyota Landcruiser Download
PDF Terra Dura Sealed Dry Brakes for Light Vehicle Download
PDF TAF-193 Terra Dura Product Warranty – June 2019 Download
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