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A World Leading Innovator In The Design And Manufacture Of Sealed, Failsafe Braking Systems for Light Vehicles, Trucks and Trailers


ABT brake technology is designed to offer unparalleled safety and braking performance in the harshest conditions.

The FailSafe brake design is an evolution of our original wet brake solution – SIBS (Sealed Integrated Braking System).  It is available as a wheel-end (FailSafe) or driveline brake (FailSafe Emergency). We also produce a fully sealed, dry wheel-end range called Terra Dura and specialised hill hold/park brake solutions.

Advanced Braking Technology provide the hill hold brake for the Thales Hawkei vehicles used by the Australian Defence Force, have trailer brake solutions and options for high rail applications.  ABT have also completed brake designs and brake systems for high rail vehicles, garbage trucks, prime movers, and large freight trailers.

Additionally, ABT offers demonstrated solutions for autonomous and electric vehicles.

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