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Peace of Mind at the Touch of a Button

Brake Controller

The FailSafe brake controller provides peace of mind at the touch of a button……..or the opening of a door, or unbuckling of a seatbelt!

ABT’s FailSafe brake controller is the heart of our FailSafe braking system providing the control and flexibility to ensure optimal operation.  The FailSafe brake controller is operated by a button mounted within the vehicle.  Additional sensors can be installed on the seat belt or door to ensure the brake automatically engages the moment the vehicle is stopped.  The engine can remain running so that the cabin can remain cool or warm depending on climate without the risk of the vehicle rolling away.  The brake can be disengaged by releasing the button in the cab.

ABT’s FailSafe brake controller can also be easily adapted for autonomous vehicle applications providing a proven fail safe braking option for driverless cars and trucks.

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