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The Ultimate FailSafe Brakes for Mining & Construction Vehicles

FailSafe Brakes

Advanced Braking Technology developed the Sealed Integrated Braking System (SIBS) over 15 years ago.  This has since evolved into the current FailSafe braking system.

ABT FailSafe brakes have a single brake rotor and unique grooved brake pads. The entire brake sits inside an oil-filled, sealed housing.

ABT Fail Safe brake system have minimal wear issues due to their low operating temperatures and because they are fully sealed, have no foreign abrasive and corrosive materials impacting performance. This means more reliable brakes, less vehicle maintenance, improved vehicle availability and an overall safer brake system.

ABT FailSafe brakes are fitted with a Spring Activated Hydraulic Release (SAHR) FailSafe component and a number of optional interlocks whereby the integrated Park and Emergency Brake system is automatically applied when the E-Stop button is pressed, the engine key is turned off, or a vehicle door is opened. This system ensures the vehicle cannot roll away unexpectedly, providing an unprecedented level of safety for vehicle operators and site personnel. In fact, the Fail Safe brake technology is so effective, it is mandated in some mining operations.

ABT’s FailSafe braking system can be fitted to vehicles with either disc brakes or drum brakes.

An additional benefit of ABT’s FailSafe sealed brakes is that they are Zero Emission preventing brake pad dust entering the environment.

How the FailSafe
Brake System Works

The brake caliper, providing the braking force, is extended to enclose the disc. This makes up the housing. The housing is split around the disc into inner and outer portions. The inner housing is mounted to the axle end. The pads, disc and hub are installed, and the outer housing is fitted to complete the assembly and enclose the brake components. At this point, our patented cooling fluid is added into the housing. Our cooling fluid is a specially selected oil which provides a path to conduct the heat from the brake disc to the housing. This enables the heat to then be rejected from the housing to the surrounding air, controlling the operating temperature of the system.

Our brake technology covers both service and park brakes and can be applied to a wide range of range of braking solutions to suit the diverse conditions you operate in.


  • Extremely low wear rate.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Wheel-end assembly.
  • Spring-applied hydraulic release park brake.
  • Park and Emergency Brake.
  • Brakes are applied automatically when the door is opened, seat belt unbuckled or the engine stopped.
  • Brakes are activated manually by hitting the Emergency Button.
  • Custom solutions available.


PDF FailSafe Brochure Download
PDF FailSafe Workshop Manual Toyota Hilux Download
PDF FailSafe Workshop Manual Toyota Landcruiser Download
PDF Operator Manual Download
PDF FailSafe Cooling Fluid SDS Download
PDF FailSafe Product Warranty Download
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