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Reduce Brake Overhauls. Increase Performance. Improve Safety.

Trailer Brakes


ABT’s FailSafe technology is being adapted for use on trailers and dollies.  This will provide significant advantages to heavy haulage operators particularly those exposed to off-highway routes, large decline routes, or those carting hazardous or valuable goods (ore, concentrate, explosives, chemicals etc)

ABT’s FailSafe trailer brakes will enable a cooler operating temperature, essential to longer lasting, low maintenance and safer braking systems.  This is achieved through a fully enclosed system of key components – single rotor, brake calipers and brake pads.  All within a casing containing the SIBS cooling fluid.

The SIBS cooling fluid is a specially formulated oil which controls the friction levels and operating temperature of the system.

The ABT FailSafe trailer brake will significantly extend brake overhaul intervals as the brake is fully sealed and thus protected from exposure to rock strike, and abrasion from dust and dirt ingress.

The ABT FailSafe trailer brake will offer a vastly superior safety and maintenance solution for heavy freight operators.

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