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The ABT Failsafe brake system includes a Spring Applied Hydraulic Released Brake incorporated into the rear wheel-ends.

If ever the brake system suffers either a hydraulic or electrical failure, the springs will automatically apply the brake (Fail Safe). At no point will the vehicle be left without a brake that is able to stop and hold the vehicle.

ABT Failsafe delivers the four levels of safety required for mine spec vehicles:

  1. Automatic Failsafe spring applied hydraulic release brake.
  2. Operator applied emergency brake.
  3. Integrated park brake to ensure full automatic brake application through selected interlocks without any direct operator actions required.
  4. Sealed service brake free from the influence of external contaminants.

The sealed, enclosed design of the ABT Failsafe brake system means that the brakes critical components are totally protected from environmental contaminants such as mud, stones and corrosive water that combine to cause standard brake components to wear excessively and even fail.

The specially formulated ABT cooling fluid contained within the brake, aids the transfer and dissipation of heat generated during braking, significantly lowering braking component temperatures and wear rates, thus maintaining brake performance, reliability and suitability for explosive environments.

Maintenance for the ABT Failsafe Braking System is therefore relatively simple and involves a monthly (for underground use) or 5,000km (above ground applications) minor service for fluids, inspection of pad wear indicators, hydraulic lines, wiring and a system check. Major servicing is as and when required.

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